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ASP.MVC3 @ TechDays2011


Double goal of this new release

  • simplify your code
  • allow deeper extensibility.

The main improvement are

  • The Razor View Engine
  • Support for Multiple View Engines
  • Controller Improvements
  • JavaScript and Ajax
  • Model Validation Improvements
  • Dependency Injection Improvements

What’s new

The Razor View Engine

The syntax is concise.

IntelliSense support in Visual Studio.
-> short learning curv

Razor also includes new HTML helpers

Support for Multiple View Engines

Razor is the default View engine. but the user can use open source View engines

Controller Improvements

Global Action Filters

Sometimes you want to perform logic either before an action method runs or after an action method runs. To support this, ASP.NET MVC 2 provided action filters.

New “ViewBag” Property

MVC controllers support a ViewData property that enables you to pass data to a view template using a late-bound dictionary API. ViewBag is a dynamic property. It does the same that the ViewData

//is equivalent to 

New “ActionResult” Types

for example HttpNotFoundResult. Returns a 404 HTTP status code to the client.

HttpNotFound: This return type returns a error 404 on client.
RedirectResult:This returns a temporary redirect code 302 or permanent redirect code 302 depending upon a Boolean flag. This kind of redirection is very important for Search Engine optimization.
HttpStatusCodeResult: Returns a user specified code so developer have choice to return specific error code.

public ActionResult SpecificResult()
    return new HttpStatusCodeResult(404);
public ActionResult NotFound()
    return HttpNotFound();
public ActionResult PermanentRedidrect()
    return new RedirectResult("http://www.test.com");

JavaScript and Ajax

This is maybe one of the biggest simplification. Unobtrusive JavaScript avoids injecting inline JavaScript into HTML.

Client-Side Validation Enabled by Default

In order for client-side validation to work, you still need to reference the appropriate jQuery and jQuery Validation libraries in your site.

Remote Validator

A new RemoteAttribute class that enables you to use of the jQuery Validation plug-in’s remote validator support.
Generation des appels AJAX pour des validation cote client.

  • in the model use the [Remote] attribute
  • In the Controler the validation function will be implemented and returns JSONResult
  • in the View a tag

Model Validation Improvements

public class User
public string Password { get; set; }
[Required, Compare("Password")]
public string ComparePassword { get; set; }

Dependency Injection Improvements


NuGet Integration

ASP.NET MVC 3 automatically installs and enables NuGet as part of its setup. NuGet is a free open-source package manager that makes it easy to find, install, and use .NET libraries and tools in your projects.


The improvement from MVC 2 are aimed to simplify coding with the Razor view engine and integration with complex built in validation.


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