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Meeting Organisation

A meeting can be productive or just another gathering of poeple spending time toghether.
So what are the factor that will make your meeting a success

How many participants?

Here is a brief list of elements that might be helpfull

Meeting Planning

1.- Select the audience. Limit the number of participant to 5. The risk to have a more participants is to deviate from the agenda or create debates.
2.- prepare an AGENDA. This will allow the participants to prepare the documentation, question or interventions. This is key to have an efficient meeting
3.- define a duration. 1hour max (if the duration is longuer it s may be a good idea to limit the scope and slip into several meeting.)
3.- Send a clear invitation.

Meeting Conduction

during the meeting it is important to have a an owner
This owner will
1.- make the presentation if not present
2.- introduce the meeting
3.- take notes (this task may be assigned to somebody else)
4.- conclude the meeting

The owner must also make sure the timing is respected

Meeting Minute

After the meeting took place, send the meeting minute to all participants


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