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ActionScript 2.0 : WebService

This is a just a simple code that calls a webservice.

import mx.services.*; 
var _wsdl:String = "https://www.test.com/testservice.asmx?WSDL";

var MailService:WebService = new WebService(_wsdl);
MailService.onLoad = function()
	trace("Trace Wsdl loaded");
  	var MailServiceResult:PendingCall = MailService.WEBMETHODNAME("value1","value2",1,1); 
  	MailServiceResult.onFault = function(fault)
    	        trace("FAULT!  " + fault.faultstring);
  	MailServiceResult.onResult = function(result)
    	         trace("it works!");
MailService.onFault = function(fault)
    // Your code here.
	trace("WSDL FAULT!  " + fault.faultstring);


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